Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tutored Drawing Groups at Buda Historic Home and Garden

As part of her ‘Artist in Residence’ Project at Buda, Catherine Pilgrim will be conducting tutored drawing groups aimed at beginner and intermediate drawers looking to improve their skills in observational drawing.

Join Catherine and a small group of fellow students to enjoy the visually rich surrounds of Buda and work towards building your drawing skills.  Exercises to improve ‘seeing’ will be explored, while also reinforcing fundamentals such as gesture, tone and proportion.  Various media will be used including graphite, conte and some charcoal.

Catherine Pilgrim learnt to draw in Australia and Washington DC and has been exhibiting for over twenty years.  Catherine’s approach is skill based while also aligned with the inclusive philosophy of the Campaign for Drawing, who promote drawing to learn, rather than learning to draw.  Catherine’s Masters of Fine Art (Research, Monash University) was based around the subjective process of making a representational drawing.

 Term 1    8 week course

Wednesdays      10.30 – 1pm                    
 5th February – 26th March 2014


Sundays             10.30  - 1pm                             
2nd February – 30th March 2014
(NB no class Sunday 9th March)

Cost  $320 includes some materials

Further information and bookings please contact Catherine 0412 550100