Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tutored Drawing Groups with Catherine Pilgrim Various locations including Buda

Term 2 Drawing ...

Join Catherine Pilgrim for tutored drawing groups aimed at beginners and intermediate draughtspeople looking to improve their skills in observational drawing.  Using Catherine’s light filled studio as a base, we will visit various locations to draw.  Significant time will be spent in the visually rich surrounds of Buda Historic Home and Garden, as well as visits to Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum, and other destinations to be confirmed.

Work with Catherine and a small group of fellow students on exercises to improve ‘seeing’, while also reinforcing fundamentals such as gesture, tone and proportion.  Various media will be used including graphite, and some charcoal.

Catherine Pilgrim learnt to draw in Australia and Washington DC and has been exhibiting for over twenty years.  Catherine’s approach is skill based while also aligned with the inclusive philosophy of the Campaign for Drawing, who promote drawing to learn, rather than learning to draw.  Catherine’s Masters of Fine Art research (Monash University) was based around the subjective process of making a representational drawing.

Term 2    8 week course

Sundays      2pm – 4.30pm                    
 4th May  – 22nd  June 2014

Cost  $320 includes some materials

Further information and bookings please contact Catherine 0412 550100

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Arts Open 2014

It's that time again! I really do enjoy the process of meeting people, but I don't mind admitting the process of sorting out my studio is lovely when it's done!!

I actually love the excuse to organise and tidy up - even if the doing is a tad torturous.  Sometimes people have asked me not to clean up too much - but I don't think there would be anything to see ever if I didn't do what is settling in to a good annual clean up habit.

Once again Arts Open has been organised by the Artists themselves, and this year is looking bigger and better than the last time.

                                          Photo - Julie Millowick

I'll have the studio open from 10-5 each day
Saturday - Monday 8 - 10th March 2014

More information on the Arts Open website

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Drawing groups going well ...

The tutored drawing groups are rocketing along, with two fantastic small groups.  We have a range of abilities, from beginners through to visually trained people, and all are enjoying the opportunity to stop and concentrate on their drawing.  Observational drawing is our fundamental focus, and amongst the drawing we have had some terrific discussions about drawing and looking generally.

Buda has provided an excellent backdrop for the groups, and plans are in the making for continuing on in second term.  (See earlier post for info on how the existing groups are working).

Sam and I in the formal garden at Buda Historic Home and Garden 

Buda Historic Home and Garden

My research at Buda is proving to be insightful and engaging.  I find it hard to stop myself searching more and more when I really need to get on with making the images now!  Just a few snaps to show you a sample of the things I'm enjoying ...  and some beginnings of things ....

Gertrude Leviny in a round frame she carved (detail)

A Bonnet worn by Bertha Leviny, possibly after Ernest died.

Beginnings of a stone lithograph, the reference is a wiglet that belonged to Bertha Leviny.