Sunday, March 18, 2012

Teaching an Old Dog Some New Tricks

I am feeling like the old dog, but maybe that is just tiredness. It is possible to teach an old girl some new tricks - just good to keep it all in perspective and not expect too much too quickly. Regardless, it is such a fantastic ride to step sideways and learn new skills. Makes me realise that we really can do anything we set our mind to. (Note to self, think about how to best impart this information to the kids without sounding like a trite and annoying mother!!)

I have been learning how to make bags - and I'm having an absolute ball! This spider hasn't made it onto a bag yet, but it will. The ever important balance of aesthetics and functionality is foremost in my mind tonight. That and the realisation that I have so very much more to learn. And there are a multitude of images I want to put on a multitude of bags and purses ...

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