Thursday, April 5, 2012

Craft Victoria and Saffron

Craft Victoria -

I am now officially an accredited member of Craft Victoria, and am proud to be associated with such a wonderful organisation.

Thank you Craft Vic for all the wonderful work you do for so many arts professionals.

Saffron -

While I was having a lovely time at the Castlemaine Artist Market an especially wonderful couple noticed one of my cards with a garlic drawing - and we got to talking about saffron bulbs.  This is the bulb they consequently showed to me so I could have a go at drawing it.  I took quite a few photos so I had a good record of this silky bulb, then did some sketchy drawings that didn't do this wonderous little thing justice.  It is much the same size as a daffodil bulb, but the papery exterior is silky. (The photo doesn't show the texture well enough, but I reckon it would keep that Princess from the Princess and the Pea happy).  I only had the bulb for a few hours as it needed to be planted, but I am grateful for having had the opportunity to see it.  There are so many things that help maintain a sense of wonderment, which are only amplified by the generosity of complete strangers that share ...

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